What is Neurofeedback Training?

Neurofeedback training is exercise for your brain. In the same way people use physical activity to keep their bodies healthy, we use Neurofeedback training to keep your brain healthy. Neurofeedback training can help with cognitive and mood symptom correction, stress management and performance optimization.

Neurofeedback training works by strengthening and balancing brainwave activity. This is done through the use of a sensitive electronic instrument called an electroencephalograph (EEG) that measures the frequency and strength of an individual’s brain electrical activity. This information is processed and almost instantaneously presented back to the individual in the form of both visual and auditory stimulation. This feedback allows the individual to learn to produce new desired brainwave patterns.

At first, the changes in brainwave activity are brief and transitory. Through practice with multiple Neurofeedback training sessions, the new electrical activity in the brain will become more firmly conditioned in patterns associated with better performance.

How is my individualized Neurofeedback Training program created?

Your Neurofeedback Training program will begin with a thorough and holistic assessment to establish a picture of performance issues and a baseline EEG recording. 

This assessment procedure allows us to then determine an individualized training program to help you learn to train down or train up brain wave patterns for symptom management (correction), stress management (prevention) and performance management (optimization).

You will establish a performance baseline, which is then tracked throughout the course of your trainings to monitor changes.

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Once registered, you will have access to more information and resources to help guide you through the process of establishing a Neurofeedback Home Training Program.

1. Research

2. Assessment Information

3. Introduction Video

4. Checklist

5. Training Manual

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